Monday, May 24, 2010

Motorized lounging chairs and alcohol--a bad combination.

So far we've learned that Russian tankers, Barbie cars and golf carts are poor vehicle choices--especially if you're intoxicated. Today we're advising you that motorized lounging chairs--even if they're really cool and souped up--are also a bad choice. Unfortunately, Iowa resident Dennis LeRoy Anderson learned that lesson the hard way when he was arrested for driving a "motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair" while he had a BAC of 0.29%. As reported in this Deluth News Tribune article, Anderson was traveling in style on the night of his arrest:

Proctor Deputy Police Chief Troy Foucault said the chair was powered by a converted lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine. It has a stereo, cup holders and other custom options, including different power levels.

A National Hot Rod Racing Association sticker is posted on the chair’s head rest. The chair had a small steering wheel, about a third of the size of a golf cart’s, coming straight up from the middle of the La-Z-Boy.
The Proctor Police Department wisely recognized that the chair, an obvious shoe-in candidate for "Pimp My Ride," had some value. So they did what any reasonable, tech-savvy police department would do: they auctioned the car on eBay. The auction was halted temporarily when La-Z-Boy complained about the use of their corporate name in the auction title. It was later re-listed as simply a "DWI chair. " The winning bid netted $10,099.99 and the proceeds were slotted to "benefit Proctor tax payers." Meanwhile, as reported in this article, Mr. Anderson was convicted of DUI and his family was last seen attempting to recoup legal fees by selling a picture, on eBay, of him driving the infamous motorized chair. Of course, this entire fiasco could have been avoided if Mr. Anderson had made a better choice. So, we remind you once again to heed our advice: don't drink and drive. Walk, take a cab or call a friend.
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