Monday, May 10, 2010

Are DUI Breath Interlock Devices Reliable?

The short answer: no. DUI breath interlock devices malfunction all the time. These devices are intended to be used by individuals who have a DUI charge pending. Some judges will permit a person charged with DUI to operate a motor vehicle during the pendency of the criminal case only if a DUI breath interlock device is installed in their car. However, these devices are incredibly unreliable. Fox Chicago News recently addressed the issue in an article that examined the problems that are frequently encountered with these devices. As explained in the article, because of the devices often malfunction, they are used far less frequently than expected:

When the program began last year, the state expected more than 30,000 DUI defendants would use the devices, but we've learned less than 10,000 drivers are actually using them.

DUI defense attorneys say it's because the systems malfuction so often, drivers would rather risk driving without them than put up with all the headaches...

The Secretary of State admits the BAIID program has been used much less than expected. Pending legislation could make it harder for drivers to opt out. And as for malfunctioning devices, the state admits there are problems with cold weather and some foods.

Certain foods, including white bread and pizza crust, in addition to cough medicine and mouth wash, have been reported to cause the devices to malfunction. Clearly, something needs to change. Either a new type of device should be issued that doesn't malfunction or use of the devices should be eliminated altogether. Don Ramsell of our office was interviewed by Fox News regarding the failure rates and, in the video below, discusses how these devices can be so problematic: Visit Americas Top DUI and DWI Attorneys at or call 1-800-DIAL-DUI to find a DUI OUI DWI Attorney Lawyer Now!

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