Friday, April 06, 2007

Tests differ in DUI arrest of police chief's daughter due to inaccurate breath tests- Phoenix, Arizona

Tests differ in DUI arrest of chief's daughter - Phoenix, Arizona News, Weather, Radar, Breaking News, Traffic and Web Cams Blood tests just released from Scottsdale police could clear 21-year-old Cody Rodbell of drunk driving charges. The tests reveal Rodbell's blood alcohol level at .071, below the legal limit in Arizona of .08, Rodbell was picked up in March for suspicion of drunk driving. An officer clocked her at 17 miles per hour over the speed limit. A portable breath test showed her blood alcohol content as .081 percent. The discrepancy raises questions on how accurate portable breathalyzer tests are to determine blood alcohol content. Members of law enforcement defend them. "They serve a purpose. They determine whether there's probable cause to arrest a drunk driver." said Sgt. Mark Clark, with Scottsdale Police The department has forwarded the blood alcohol results to the County Attorneys office where it will be determined whether the charges will be dropped. COMMENT: It is a well known fact that portable police breath testers are highly inaccurate. They lack such protections as mouth alcohol detectors, interfering substance detectors, and radio frequency interference shielding. NHTSA even issued an advisory about some PBT's that carryover alcohol from test to test. They should not be allowed as a basis for arresting people, when their results are so unreliable. Sadly, however, most states allow for their use because most politicians and courts cater to police demands, and police misrpresentations about these devices. Never EVER agree to blow into one of these things!!

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