Tuesday, October 25, 2005

DUI Cases and DWI Arrests in the News

D.C. City Council Deals With DUI Laws (NBC4 Washington, D.C.) - 1 day ago Deterring DUI Arrests A Concern For Ramsey (Washington Post) - 16 hours ago Maineville police chief charged with DUI (Cincinnati Enquirer) - 45 minutes ago Suspect Captured 4 Years After Triple-Fatal DUI Crash (KOIN News 6) - 45 minutes ago Poison guitarist jailed after pleading no contest to DUI (Houston Chronicle) - 5 hours ago Poison guitarist gets jail time for DUI (UPI) - 2 hours ago Man jailed for DUI (GJ Sentinel) - 15 hours ago Man sentenced on DUI charges (Observer-Reporter) - 7 hours ago Ramsey Not Happy With Changes to DUI Law (WJLA-TV Washington D.C.) - 9 hours ago Poison Guitarist Gets 80 Days in Jail (ABC News)

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